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John Makransky, PhD

Professor of Buddhism and meditation teacher

John Makransky, PhD

Professor of Buddhism and meditation teacher


John Makransky, author of the popular meditation book Awakening through Love: Unveiling Your Deepest Goodness, is associate professor of Buddhism and comparative theology at Boston College and cofounder of the Courage of Care Coalition and the Foundation for Active Compassion, organizations that train people in stable care and sustainable compassion.

Dr. Makransky serves as senior advisor for Kathmandu University‰ Centre for Buddhist Studies in Nepal and president of the Society of Buddhist-Christian studies and is the developer of the Sustainable Compassion Training model.

His academic writings focus on Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, on adapting Buddhist practices to address contemporary problems, and on theoretical issues in interfaith learning. For the past 15 years, John has taught educators, health-care providers, social workers, psychotherapists, and those who work with prisoners, at-risk youth, the hungry, and the dying and has offered meditation workshops at Harvard Divinity and Medical Schools, Brown University, Emory University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and many other institutions.

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