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John Badalament

Fatherhood and masculinity expert and author

John Badalament is a recognized leader in the fatherhood field who brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and innovation to all of his endeavors. The director of programs at The Fatherhood Project, he is the author of The Modern Dad’s Dilemma: How to Stay Connected with Your Kids in a Rapidly Changing World and the director of the acclaimed documentary for PBS, All Men Are Sons: Exploring the Legacy of Fatherhood.

Having worked in schools as a counselor, teacher, and administrator, in clinical settings as a counselor, and in private practice with couples, John now speaks and consults internationally in schools, government agencies, nonprofit, and private-sector organizations.

John serves as an honorary board member of the Ties Never Broken campaign in partnership with the White House, on the board of advisors for Voice Male magazine, and on the planning board of the New England Fathering Conference with other national leaders in the fields of fatherhood, gender, domestic violence, and education.

Recognized in the New York Times by the Family Violence Prevention Fund’s founding fathers campaign to end violence against women and children, John’s work has been featured by ABC News, NPR, Men’s Health magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and Huffington Post.

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