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Jo Ilfeld, PH.D.

Executive Coach

An executive leadership coach, Jo Ilfeld Ph.D. works with C-suite leaders, executives and high potential managers to create more impact and influence in their organizations. She works with individuals, teams and organizations on 4 core areas of leadership development: Jo has successfully coached executives and managers, including CEOs, CFOs, Directors and Senior Managers, especially in the field of technology. Her coaching process includes identifying key strengths, creating a clear vision and strategic plan, engaging others in your vision, and key learning through action-taking, with Jo’s ongoing feedback, troubleshooting and accountability.

Jo works with leaders to shift how they manage time, tasks and people for maximum impact and effectiveness. This may include personal productivity, training staff to make their own decisions, building a culture of motivation and loyalty, or learning how to delegate effectively.

Individual leaders and leadership groups need to get things done. Jo helps fast track the habits, communication skills and interpersonal fluency required to move others to action and get great work done.

Leadership presence and powerful body language communicate a strong message. Jo’s focus is on helping leaders effectively communicate with others, both verbally and without saying a word.