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Jeff Beruan

Start With Why team member

Jeff is all about clarity. He strives to help others to see the world from another’s perspective so that together, we can discover a clear path forward.

Jeff has been able to utilize this strength on the Start With Why team in many ways.  He started out by soaking in Simon’s content and then helped those who reached out with questions for Simon and our team.

He now runs the operational side of our sales department by providing a clear and inspirational experience. He also receives immense joy from helping individuals discover and articulate their WHY.

A fun fact about Jeff: in addition to his work with the Start With Why team, he’s spent the last 15+ years living his WHY on the operatic stage. He, quite literally, puts himself in another person’s shoes to see the world from their view in the hopes of creating a clear character for the audience to experience and enjoy.

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The WHY Program

August 23 - 25, 2019

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What makes work meaningful? Why engage with challenge? Join Heath Slawner and the lead teaching team of Simon Sinek—the visionary voice behind the concept of WHY—for an inaugural, groundbreaking workshop at 1440 Multiversity. Together they will shine light on what WHY—Sinek’s TED talk phenomenon—is all about. In this life-changing weekend of activities, lecture, and discussion...

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