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Jamie Rose

Life Coach

Jamie was Phil’s patient in the 1980s and was completely transformed by his work.  She feels honored that he has entrusted her to share his legacy as one of the few Life Coaches specializing in the Tools®.

Jamie has been a professional actor for over five decades. She has given workshops in university settings with actors for television, film and theater. She also consults with writers, helping them to potentiate readings and media appearances. Her seminars have been featured at the SAG Foundation and PEN America.

Jamie’s essays and articles have been published in magazines such as Coast and Actors Ink. She is the author of Shut Up and Dance! The Joy of Letting Go of the Lead (Tarcher/Penguin, 2011), a “dance of life” memoir exploring the relationship of masculine and feminine archetypes as embodied in the Argentine tango.

A recovering alcoholic, Jamie has been helping people to overcome addiction issues for over 30 years.

Informed by a lifetime as a working artist and teacher – enriched by her long-time studies with Dr. Stutz – Jamie’s engaging, empathic gifts led to her current work as a certified Tools® Life Coach.

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