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Henderson Smith, IIQTC Sr. Trainer & NQA Certified Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher

Trainer & NQA Certified Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher

Henderson Smith is the Founder of Living Well Therapies where your mind, body and breath make the Medicine. Henderson empowers Conscious Self-Governance as a Conscious Life Coach and teaches Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation as the exploration of applied physical, mental and energetic self-mastery. Henderson is the CEO of MeTime24seven.com, an ever-expanding conscious media platform bringing life enhancing skills and Qigong & Tai Chi lessons directly to subscribers anytime, anyplace WiFi can be accessed.

Henderson is NQA certified and is a Sr. Trainer with the IIQTC. Henderson is a teacher of teachers and has served as Lead Assistant to Dr. Roger Jahnke on a 2013 and 2018 trip to China and continues to study WuDang Mountain Tai Chi and Qigong under 17th Generation Master Zhou Jin Bo. Henderson studied Sei Bu Do Martial Arts under Grand Master Dr. Donald Swansey and earned a 2nd Degree Black Belt with his training in Acupressure, Pressure Points and Medical Qigong for natural healing.

Henderson is Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) Certified under Dr. James Gordon and is currently in the final stages of evaluation for Staff. Henderson has a BS in Management and Marketing and 20 years’ experience as an entrepreneur in the insurance and employee benefits business. With insight bridging the divide between Eastern and Western medicine, Henderson is a sought-after provider of corporate wellness programs that focused on health, productivity and conscious self-management. Henderson is a Sr. Fellow with the American Leadership Forum (ALF) and a founding member of the board of directors for the former Houston Wellness Association.


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Integral Qigong Teacher Certification

March 22 - 29, 2019

Friday - Friday, 7 nights

Yogis in China are practicing Qigong (Chinese Yoga, the cultivation of Qi or life-force energy) just as Qigong practitioners in India are practicing Indian Qigong (the cultivation of prana). Both systems are founded upon “The Three Treasures”—mindfulness of the Body-Breath-Mind. Join Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD, master instructor Jessica Kolbe and Henderson Smith for a 7-day...