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Helen Folsom, MA

Hypnotherapist, author, and healing facilitator

Helen Folsom is a certified hypnotherapist, ordained interfaith minister, author, musician, and healing facilitator who specializes in physical and mental trauma relief.

She has studied the practices of many time-honored spiritual traditions and has been a practicing altered-states therapist for more than 15 years. Throughout the world, in Cell-Level Healing workshops with Joyce Hawkes, Helen provides music from sacred traditions and altered-states techniques.

Certified by the Institute for Therapeutic Learning in Seattle, Washington, and registered as a hypnotherapist with the state of Washington, Helen serves clients who wish to be free from self-defeating patterns and mental, emotional, and physical difficulties.

As a former corporate diversity trainer, she was inspired to create stories to support children and parents in families of all kinds; under the pen name Amada Lorenzo, she is author of the award-winning children‰’s chapter books, Runt Farm.