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Heath Slawner

Passionate speaker on leadership, influence, and trust

Heath Slawner, one of the lead teachers for Simon Sinek—the visionary voice behind the concept of WHY—believes that when we meaningfully connect with and inspire one another, we rise well beyond what we could do alone. Specializing in strategic communication and leadership, he is fascinated by human behavior and has built a career learning and sharing his insights with leading organizations around the world.

In his keynotes, workshops, and training sessions, Heath uses stories, studies, and basic biology to demonstrate that trust and purpose—based on a palpable concern for others—are instrumental in having a high-performing team. He holds a degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and is the only professional in Canada certified to deliver and facilitate the Principles of Persuasion. This evidence-based program based on the work of renowned psychologist Dr. Robert Cialdini dramatically enhances one’s ability to drive and inspire change.

Heath works with clients across the world in industries including government, international affairs, consumer products, restaurants, hospitality, telecommunications, education, nonprofit, and the financial and banking sectors.

Upcoming Programs

The WHY Program

August 23 - 25, 2019

Friday - Sunday, 2 nights

What makes work meaningful? Why engage with challenge? Join Heath Slawner and the lead teaching team of Simon Sinek—the visionary voice behind the concept of WHY—for an inaugural, groundbreaking workshop at 1440 Multiversity. Together they will shine light on what WHY—Sinek’s TED talk phenomenon—is all about. In this life-changing weekend of activities, lecture, and discussion...

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