Greg Marcus - 1440 Multiversity

Learn How to Hack Your Mind for Better Health, Apr 12–14


Greg Marcus, PhD

Mussar pioneer and facilitator

Greg Marcus is a practitioner, facilitator, and innovator of American Mussar, a 21st-century spiritual practice for an authentic and meaningful life. He is a graduate of the Mussar Institute’s facilitator training program and has been practicing and teaching for five years.

Greg offers guidance on how to lead a life of mindful harmony and spiritual integrity, drawing upon timeless Jewish teachings and contemporary wisdom. He has a doctorate from MIT, and worked for ten years as a marketer in Silicon Valley helping to guide cutting edge technology for genetics research to market.

Mussar taught him why he was a workaholic and gave him the tools to bring healing and balance into his life. He started teaching and facilitating Mussar groups within months of starting to practice it, creating his own curriculum for work-life balance.

Today he is a writer, speaker, workshop facilitator, and stay-at-home dad. He is the author of The Spiritual Practice of Good Actions: Finding Balance Through the Soul Traits of Mussar.


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