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Frank Wildman, PhD

Movement science pioneer and Feldenkrais Method expert

Frank Wildman, PhD is the founder and educational director of the Feldenkrais Movement Institute. A renowned author, speaker, and educator,        Dr. Wildman is a pioneering voice for the Feldenkrais Method, which has revolutionized the treatment of pain and loss of energy associated with daily activity, exercise, and aging. His books include Change Your Age, The Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement, and more.

For nearly 40 years, Dr. Wildman has been a teacher, practitioner, and mentor to countless medical professionals, athletes, fitness experts, dancers, and others who have embraced the proven health benefits of his brain science-based work. His insights into the links between psychology and the science of motion have been adopted internationally by hospitals, universities, physical and occupational therapists, and somatic psychologists.

Dr. Wildman directs professional training programs across the world and has introduced the Feldenkrais Method to a multitude of fitness and medical organizations. His programs distill his lifetime of experience in science, education, and clinical practice into concise, powerful courses based in neuromotion. He has presented to audiences like the American, Canadian and Australian Physical Therapy Associations; the Council for Health and Physical Recreation, Sport, and Dance; and the American Back Society. He designed the Back Care and Gerontology Programs, with specific Feldenkrais Method applications, for the University of California.