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Eve Ekman, MSW, PhD

Emotion regulation and mindfulness trainer

Eve Ekman, MSW, PhD,  is the director of training at the Greater Good Science Center. She is also a UC Berkeley- and UCSF-trained social scientist and teacher in the field of emotional awareness and burnout prevention. Her work is inspired by her past experience as a medical social worker in the emergency department of San Francisco General Hospital.

In addition to her academic training, Eve is a second-generation emotion researcher and has had meaningful collaborations with her father, renowned emotion researcher Dr. Paul Ekman. Their most recent project, The Atlas of Emotions, is an online visual tool to teach a language for improving our emotional awareness that was commissioned and supported by the Dalai Lama.

Eve is the co-lead instructor for Cultivating Emotional Balance, an evidence-based meditation and emotion regulation training developed by Dr. Paul Ekman and Buddhist scholar Alan Wallace.

Eve’s writing on empathy, burnout, and compassion has appeared in peer-reviewed journals as well as invited chapters in Oxford handbooks of positive psychology and the science of compassion. She has been an invited speaker to conferences from her own Bay Area to Sao Paolo, Singapore, and beyond.


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