Erin Burch - 1440 Multiversity

The Practice at 1440: Design-Your-Own Yoga Retreat, Jan 17–20.


Erin Burch

Founder of The Burch Method

Erin Burch is a physical therapist of 40 years and the founder of the premier, revolutionary bodywork system, The Burch Method. The result of her decades long experience, The Burch Method unravels pain patterns and dysfunctional movements to restore full health and freedom. Committed to changing the way people age, Erin inspires everyone to feel empowered and aware in their body by introducing them to their unique body blueprint.

Now 61 years old, Erin is in full vitality and in amazing shape—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This is her same goal for her clients: having them look, feel, and, most importantly, move younger.

Erin works with private clients in her boutique practice, teaches workshops nationwide, and hosts the podcast Luscious for Life.

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