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Ellen Petry Leanse

Leadership guide and organizational innovator

Author, Stanford University instructor, and digital pioneer Ellen Petry Leanse spent 35 years as a Silicon Valley insider. An alum of early Apple, she served on the Macintosh launch team and championed the company’s groundbreaking 1985 debut into digital environments.

Harnessing this learning, her work has branched into entrepreneurship, investing, and leadership coaching. Ellen is committed to integrating neuroscience, psychology, and wisdom practices into the world of business. Her popular Stanford University courses have guided hundreds of students to “think different” about professional and life satisfaction. Most importantly—to see and tap the potential of business to create positive change.

A respected Silicon Valley influencer and globally-known speaker, Ellen is passionate about intentional living and brain-aware practices that increase well-being and impact. She is the chief people officer of the San Francisco tech company Lucidworks. She’s been featured on CNN and the Today show, in Time magazine, Health, Vogue.com, Forbes, Inc.,and Entrepreneur. She is a contributor to Thrive Global.

The mother of three adult sons, her book The Happiness Hack shares science-backed paths to building focus, connection, and satisfaction.

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