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Douglas Beasley

Author, photographer, and Vision Quest workshop leader

Douglas Beasley is the founder and director of Vision Quest Photo Workshops and teaches photography classes at different art and cultural centers throughout the world.

With his extensive teaching experience, Doug emphasizes personal expression, transformation, and creative vision over product and the mechanics of camera use, helping each student find their own voice.

Throughout his career, he has worked as a fashion photographer and for various advertising, educational, public-service, and nonprofit organizations. His personal work, supported by grants and commissions, is widely exhibited and collected, including a permanent installation at the Castello d’Albertis Cultural Museum in Genoa, Italy, and in sacred places throughout North America.

He has also been featured in numerous photo magazines, such as Zoom, The Sun, B&W, Photo District News, SHOTS, and PhotoVision, and is the creator of Vision Quest Cards, which provide photo assignments for visual and spiritual growth.

His first book of photographs, Japan, A Nisei‰’s First Encounter, offers insight into his journey to his mother‰’s Japanese homeland. His most recent, Earth Meets Spirit, explores how the sacred is recognized and expressed in everyday life. In addition to teaching, Douglas also works on fine-art-based projects internationally.