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Dory Cote

Shamanic practitioner, facilitator, and storyteller

Dory Cote is a nationally known shamanic practitioner and teacher. She brings passion and creativity to her teaching and creates a safe, sacred, and affirming environment for her students. Her students consistently say that Dory is a master storyteller and teacher, and that they love the humor she adds to her workshops.

Dory has 15 years of experience teaching soul retrieval to hundreds of students nationwide and has performed soul retrievals for thousands of clients from diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds around the world.

Her passion is teaching the sacred ceremony of soul retrieval. Having trained extensively over 15 years with world-renowned shaman Sandra Ingerman, Dory has the depth of experience to hold sacred space for those in her shamanic circle. This makes it possible for students and clients to safely experience the work, fully trusting that they are held in love, compassion, and respect.


Previous Programs

Soul Retrieval

October 1 - 6, 2017

Sunday - Friday, 5 nights

Join shamanic practitioner and teacher Dory Cote for a week of dancing, drumming, singing, fire ceremony, and shamanic art. While learning about and practicing the sacred nature of a powerful shamanic soul retrieval practice, we will celebrate as a community, welcoming our soul essences home. You will have opportunities to be the “client” receiving your...