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Doneliya Deneva

Chef and cooking class instructor

Doneliya Deneva (aka Chef Dolly) has attended top culinary schools in Europe and the Bay Area, including the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE). She has trained with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, has an extensive background in Bulgarian and Mediterranean cuisine, and has traveled the world tasting different authentic dishes and discovering new exotic recipes.

Chef Dolly hosts date night dinner tastings, cooking classes for couples, and food pop-ups at venues throughout the Bay Area and Los Angeles. She specializes in simple, fun, and organic aphrodisiac recipes to ensure you experience and enjoy the perfect date with your loved one. The goal of her hands-on cooking classes is to leave participants with deep sensual scent memory and give them an unforgettable emotional experience. Students learn how to use traditional spices and flavors to enhance dishes—both classics and delicacies—in new and exciting ways.