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Diana Rodgers, RD, LDN, NTP

"Real food" nutritionist, farmer, author, filmmaker

After working in photography, furniture building, and bigwig corporate marketing jobs, Diana’s lifelong battle with undiagnosed digestive issues revealed her true purpose: to be a “real food” nutritionist living on a working organic farm in Massachusetts. Diana now helps thousands with weight, metabolic, and intestinal issues recover their health through diet and lifestyle via her active nutrition practice and consultation services.

The best-selling author of two cookbooks, Diana writes and speaks about the intersection of optimal human nutrition, environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and social justice. She is also the producer of theSustainable Dishpodcast where she interviews experts in the environmental and health movements. Her newest venture is a film project, Kale vs. Cow, which examines the environmental, nutritional, and ethical case for “better meat.”

Diana is the consulting dietitian to several gyms and also to Nom Nom Paleo, Whole30, and the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, and is a board member of Animal Welfare Approved. She contributes regularly to several blogs and her work has been featured in theLos Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Outsidemagazine, and Mother Earth News.

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