Denise Linn - 1440 Multiversity

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Denise Linn

Space clearing expert

Acclaimed space clearing pioneer, Denise Linn was the first to coin the phrase “space clearing” and has been training and certifying space clearing and feng shui professionals for almost 50 years. Her top-rated radio show, Soul Traveler®, has aired for more than 13 years, and she has appeared on the The Oprah Winfrey Show and in numerous television documentaries.

Denise has taught in more than 25 countries and is the best-selling author of 19 books, translated into 29 languages, including Sacred Space, Sacred Legacies, and Soul Coaching.

She is the founder of the Elemental Space Clearing® professional certification course, the Linn Method of Clutter Clearing™ professional certification course, and Interior Alignment®, one of the largest feng shui training institutes in the nation.