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Join Dr. Dan Siegel and Elissa Epel at Cultivating Stress Resilience, Sept 20–22.


Deb Katz

Expert in conscious leadership in healthcare

Deb Katz has more than twenty years’ experience pioneering new models in conscious leadership in the organizational world, with particular expertise in the healthcare industry. She coaches leaders one-on-one, facilitates teams, and consults for organizational and cultural transformation.

She is known to radiate warmth and presence, to speak directly and tell it like it is, and to walk her talk with a focused gentle fierceness.

Deb holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology with a focus on Collective Behavior/Organizational Development from San Diego State University, and an RN from Cabrillo College with years of practice in cardiac and hospice care. She also has training in somatic psychology and the Enneagram.

When not coaching, consulting, or nursing, Deb is likely to be dancing or taking a long walk in nature. She regularly pushes herself to all of her edges: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Deb lives in Portland, Oregon, and travels the world to spread conscious leadership, and to walk and dance on new ground.

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