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Dawn Preisendorf

Functional Nutritionist

Dawn Preisendorf is a Functional Nutritionist and Health Coach who frees people from low energy, hormone imbalances and digestive distress. She combines principles of Functional Medicine and Holistic Nutrition to help people get to the root causes of their health challenges, helping them to reclaim vitality by harnessing the healing power of food, nature, heart and mind.

Dawn is a national speaker who has taught and presented on more than 500 occasions. She has a private nutrition practice in the San Francisco Bay Area and works with people nationwide via video.

Once an over-stressed corporate executive, Dawn recovered from her own health crash and found vitality again. Dawn has studied functional nutrition and holistic health for 19 years, and has been playing in the woods for as long as she can remember. She holds a master’s degree in nutrition and health education. She is also a certified Wellcoach and a certified Hormone Cure Practitioner through Dr. Sara Gottfried, New York Times best-selling author of Younger.

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