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David Mars, MFT, PhD

Psychotherapist, cofounder AEDP West

David Mars is the developer of Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy for Couples (AEDPfC). He specializes in the somatically focused treatment of couples and groups and has been innovative in developing process-oriented and empathically focused couples treatment since 1975. David has trained and co-consulted with Dr. Diana Fosha, the founder of AEDP Institute, since 2005.

David develops and presents training seminars and workshops nationally and internationally that focus on the AEDPfC model. He is the lead supervisor of the AEDP for Couples core training, teaches at AEDP immersion courses and the AEDP Essential Skills program, and leads four ongoing AEDP for Couples supervision groups. David is a cofounder of AEDP West. He is on the adjunct faculty of the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, where he infused AEDP into his teaching of courses on the clinical relationship.

David’s style as a presenter is described as inspiring, warm, and deeply personable. He evokes trust from his audiences, which ushers in a deep level of transparent exchange of ideas and points of view about how therapists can more effectively treat the historical trauma and deprivation that underlies marital dysfunction.