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Dana Falsetti

Yoga teacher, writer, body image coach

Dana Falsetti is an international yoga teacher, writer, and advocate for living an authentic life that begins with self-love. She is followed by millions around the world who resonate with her message that yoga is for anybody and that we all deserve to live fully and authentically.

Dana came to her yoga practice during a period of depression due largely to focusing on weight loss and body shaming and struggling with an eating disorder. Through yoga she realized she could accept and love herself as she is. She discovered her true strength and realized that the hardest limits were the ones she created herself.

She helps students empower themselves by building body awareness through a strong, patient teaching style with clear instruction and relative alignment. Her goal is to create a space where students feel safe to move freely and enjoy the process without expectation.

Dana contributes to Well+Good and has been featured in a number of media outlets and publications, including Shape, Upworthy, People, The Daily Mail, OM Yoga, Mantra, and more. Nominated for a 2017 Shorty Award for excellence in social media in health and wellness, she was recently named on OOOM magazine’s list of 100 Most Inspiring.

Previous Programs

Yoga for Authentic Living

January 26 - 28, 2018

Friday - Sunday, 2 nights

Do you feel like your body is limiting your life? Do you feel trapped by diet culture or the image of a perfect body? Join yoga teacher and body image coach Dana Falsetti and learn how to live authentically in your body by developing a strong, non-judgmental yoga practice and accepting yourself as you are....