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Dan O'Connor

Communication expert and trainer

Dan O’Connor is an internationally acclaimed trainer and keynote speaker who has been at the fore of the communication training industry for more than 20 years. Dan has been setting new benchmarks in training, and transforming the lives of millions of people and countless organizations around the world through his best-selling books Say This—Not That and Energy Vampire Slaying: 101.

Dan also shares his communication tools through his #1-rated YouTube channel, Communication Training Videos with Dan O’Connor; his popular online course, OnlineCommunicationTraining.com; and his breakthrough proprietary tactical communication learning system, Step Out of the Shadows and Speak.

Dan is known for his ability to do what is often overlooked in communication training courses—he gives you the words. His powerful lists of unique danger phrases and power phrases, free-style scripts, step-by-step communication strategies, and tactical verbal patterns can help people at home and at work to project a polished, competent, confident image, and overcome even the most difficult communication and customer service challenges.

Although Dan’s communication training is focused on the professional arena, participants typically walk away with personal outcomes. Dan maintains that powerful communication is ultimately not about personal or professional communication skills, but rather about miraculously transforming every relationship in your life.