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Dafina-Lazarus (D-L) Stewart

Professor and advocate for marginalized students

Dafina-Lazarus (D-L) Stewart (pronouns: ze, zim, zir) is professor of higher education and student affairs at Bowling Green State University. Ze is a scholar, educator, and activist focused on empowering and imagining futures that sustain and cultivate the learning, growth, and success of marginalized groups in United States higher education institutions.

Dr. Stewart’s work is motivated by a love ethic grounded in justice and informed by an intersectional praxis that recognizes the lived experiences of multiply marginalized individuals, as well as the material effects of interlocking systems of oppression.

Over the course of zir career, ze has focused most intently on issues of race and ethnicity, sexuality, and gender, as well as religion, faith, and spirituality in zir research, teaching, and service to professional organizations and institutions across the nation. Zir work has produced more than four dozen journal articles and book chapters, as well as three books.