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Cliff Hodges

Wilderness survival instructor and adventure guide

Cliff Hodges is a wilderness survival instructor, outdoor adventure guide, and environmental advocate. A graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he is founder and CEO of Adventure Out, California’s largest outdoor school and guide service, and cohost of the hit show Remote Survival on the National Geographic Channel.

An accomplished entrepreneur and guide, he travels the world to climb mountains, surf big waves, and study with indigenous tribes. Cliff works with groups of clients ranging from school children to corporate executives in Fortune 500 companies, leading them to tap their true potential through wilderness adventures.

He sits on the board of several nonprofit organizations and is owner of CrossFit West and CrossFit Watsonville. At the heart of his management style and mission statement is the desire to cultivate environmental stewardship. He has been featured in many publications, including Outside magazine and Popular Mechanics, and also starred as a survival instructor on MTV’s show Made.