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Christine Arylo, MBA

Leadership advisor and transformational speaker

Christine Arylo is a women’s leadership advisor, best-selling author, and internationally recognized transformational speaker. She leads retreats, workshops, and programs around the world, working with women to make shift happen in the lives they lead and the work they do.

Over 35,000 people have participated in and benefited from her personal transformational programs and workshops.

She combines 15 years of corporate MBA experience in marketing, strategy, and leadership communications with 15 years of spiritual study of the divine feminine, yogic, and earth-based wisdom traditions.

She uses this knowledge to guide women in how to live and lead their lives, businesses, and relationships the “feminine way”—professionally successful, internally empowered, and personally sustainable and satisfying.

For more than a decade she has been a catalyst, mentor, and advisor for executives, emerging leaders, and visionary entrepreneurs at organizations such as Gap Inc., Salesforce, Genetech, and Google. She has appeared on CBS, NBC, and FOX, blogs regularly for The Huffington Post and Thrive, and is host of the Feminine Power Time podcast.