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Learn How to Hack Your Mind for Better Health, Apr 12–14


Carole Pertofsky, MEd

Cofounder, Stanford's first Psychology of Happiness course

Carole Pertofsky is director of Stanford’s Wellness and Health Promotion Services.

She cofounded and teaches Stanford’s first Psychology of Happiness course as well as other courses and workshops about the art and science of self-compassion, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, work-life balance, and stress management.

Carole is sought after for her expertise in positive psychology, happiness, gratitude, and resilience, and she writes blogs for Silicon Valley magazine and Huffington Post. She also is interested in women’s health issues and is featured in the award-winning documentary, Let’s Face It: Women Explore Their Aging Faces. She is cofounder of Tools for Healing, an inclusive nonprofit support network for individuals living with illness and other life challenges. A professional life coach and consultant, Carole is a national speaker and seminar leader at Esalen Institute, Stanford Continuing Studies, UC Berkeley, Women’s Healthy Living Retreat, Enneagram associations, and Bay Area companies.

Carole is the recipient of a number of grants and awards, including the Stanford University Margaret Ann Fidler award for exceptional service to the Stanford campus and former ACHF awards.

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