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Carmen Mensink

Painter of thangkas and auspicious symbols

Carmen Mensink is an internationally renowned painter of thangkas, the traditional Tibetan scroll paintings of Buddhas and mandalas. She is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and teaches this beautiful art as well as Buddhist meditation and philosophy at museums, universities, and Buddhist centers throughout the world.

Carmen graduated as graphic designer from the Royal Academy of Art and worked for many years in design and advertising agencies. After she became a Buddhist practitioner, she met her thangka painter teacher, the well-known Andy Weber. Captivated by the rich tradition and detailed craftsmanship of these Tibetan Buddhist paintings she started many years of training with him, 13 in total.

As is tradition within a thangka lineage, the teacher points out his successors, and in 2003 Andy told Carmen that it was time for her to start teaching. It was something she never saw coming but took on with much love, passion, and dedication. She has been teaching since 2008, and in 2009 and 2014 she was invited to work on related Tibetan art forms, including large floor paintings of the 8 Auspicious Symbols to welcome His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the Netherlands.