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Cameron Shayne

Pioneer of the mixed movement arts culture

Cameron Shayne

Pioneer of the mixed movement arts culture


Cameron Shayne, the creator of Budokon, is considered the father of the mixed movement arts culture. He is a social philosopher, educator, fighter, yogi, satirist, artist, writer, and founder of Budokon University and BDK Academy. He travels extensively teaching and headlining yoga conferences around the world.

He has been credited for helping Kerri Walsh win her first Olympic gold medal, giving Courteney Cox, Jennifer Anniston, Meg Ryan, and Renee Russo their incredible physiques, choreographing fight scenes for action movies, and helping Charlie Sheen rehab from drug addiction.

As a “teacher of teachers,” he is renowned worldwide as the creator of the Budokon Yoga style and the Budokon Mixed Movement Arts System, and for his inspiring and provocative writings on social philosophy. His radically honest and transparent style of teaching through critical analysis has established him as a guiding voice for modern yoga and the movement culture.

Cameron began studying martial arts and Zen meditation at the age of 12, and yoga asana and calisthenics at 25. He is a world champion martial artist with black belts in both Japanese and Korean systems, and a brown belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. He has been studying and sharing yoga, martial arts, and Zen meditation collectively for over 30 years.


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