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Caley Alyssa

Yoga instructor and wellness leader

Caley Alyssa has been obsessed with love in all its forms since she was a little girl. The answer for her has always been to love more—that’s what drew her to teaching yoga, a practice that helped her to be more compassionate with herself and to listen to her body.

She now shares her message of speaking lovingly to oneself (as if one were speaking to a best and closest friend) in her yoga classes and wherever she can. On stage at festivals, conferences, and workshops, the message is simple: love yourself and you’ll experience more connection with others.

Caley teaches weekly yoga classes and leads retreats, workshops, and trainings online and around the world. She spreads inspiration on social media and digital content providers like Beachbody, Alo Moves, and Mindbodygreen.

She also helps foster connection and empowerment within her local community in Los Angeles as the co-leader of Women Catalysts and as a mentor for her peers and fellow health enthusiasts. Because love is meant to be shared.

Previous Programs

Yoga Asana, Yoga Nidra

July 26 - 28, 2019

Friday - Sunday, 2 nights

Love starts with you—with how you feel in your body and how you feel in your heart. And you can only sense into that through the power of your presence and a wholehearted commitment to true well-being. Join renowned wellness coach Caley Alyssa and learn how to build awareness in your practice. Don’t perpetuate unconscious...