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Bob Halperin, MBA

Educational entrepreneur and Eisenhower Fellow

Bob Halperin is a research affiliate at MIT‰’s Center for Collective Intelligence, where he previously served as executive director. He is also president of Alumni Forum Services, a company that brings Harvard alumni and other executives together for confidential discussions of important business and personal issues.

Bob received an ethical will from his grandfather, has written legacy letters to his children, and has led multiple workshops and retreats on the theme of moving from success to significance, asking how we go about the daunting task of sharing our non-material and non-financial ‰assets‰ with loved ones and how our thoughts about legacy inform the choices we make about how we live today.

Honored as an Eisenhower Fellow in 2002, Bob brings more than two decades of executive education and senior management experience to his work, including leadership roles at Young Presidents Organization (YPO), Harvard Business School, Babson College, and MIT Sloan School of Management.