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Binay Curtis

Certified nutrition consultant, Inferno Hot Pilates instructor

Binay Curtis is a certified nutrition consultant and a pilates teacher focused on food and fitness with a specialty in weight loss and food allergies at Red Dragon Yoga.

With an eye on balance and a 20-year background in marketing and media training at Galaxy Six Strategies, Binay knows what it’s like to lead a busy life, while still aspiring to achieve optimal health. She offers individual consultations, group programs, and ongoing health inspiration through her business, Bacon + Broccoli = Nutrition in Balance, and at Red Dragon™ Yoga.

Binay’s certifications include the US Yoga Association, YogaKids, Inferno Hot Pilates with Gabriella Walters, and certification with the Athletics and Fitness Association of America. She is a nutritionist and instructor at the Nutritional Therapy Association and an Eat to Perform coach for athletes.

While she’s not with nutrition clients, Binay leads Inferno Hot Pilates, skis, or hikes with her family and her dog, Dragon. She’s a true inspiration to many, and always invigorates those around her with her infectious energy and passion about health and fitness.

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January 24 - 26, 2020

Friday - Sunday, 2 nights

Kick-start your new year with a revitalizing, wellness-focused weekend led by leading Red Dragon Yoga instructors Binay Curtis and Ed Levinson. This red-hot program brings you a powerful combination of Inferno Hot Pilates, Power Yoga, and the exploration of ideal nutrition. Sweat to the heat, flow to the beat of the music, move your muscles...

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