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Baxter Bell, MD, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500

Physician, medical acupuncturist, yoga therapist and yoga teacher

Baxter Bell is a physician, medical acupuncturist, certified yoga teacher and yoga therapist, and coauthor of the book Yoga for Healthy Aging. With his unique perspective and experience, Baxter lectures to healthcare professionals throughout the country on integrating the therapeutic applications of yoga with Western medicine.

By combining his deep knowledge of anatomy and medicine with an expertise in helping people of all ages and physical conditions, Baxter teaches a healing, nurturing style of hatha yoga that balances the body‰’s desire for action with the mind‰’s need for calm and quiet. In addition to teaching classes, workshops, and retreats internationally, Baxter helps students use yoga to help heal from and/or cope with a wide range of medical conditions.

The cofounder of and a writer for the popular blog Yoga for Healthy Aging, he regularly presents at Yoga Journal conferences and at the International Association of Yoga Therapy‰’s SYTAR Conference. He has also written articles for Yoga Journal and the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, and is featured in Yoga for Stress, a Yoga Journal DVD. He is quoted as a yoga and health expert by the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, among others.

Previous Programs

Yoga for Healthy Aging

June 23 - 30, 2017

Friday - Friday, 7 nights

If you are a certified yoga teacher interested in receiving Yoga for Healthy Aging certification, please see details and register here. You can enjoy the process of getting older—and wiser—by learning what the mind and body need for optimal health. Join medical doctor Baxter Bell and Melina Meza, author of the Art of Sequencing book series,...

Yoga for Healthy Aging Certification

June 23 - 30, 2017

Friday - Friday, 7 nights

The track for certified yoga teachers seeking certification includes supplemental, specialized training in yoga for healthy aging techniques, which you can then teach to your own students. To receive Yoga for Healthy Aging Certification, there is an additional $150 fee, which is included when you register, and you will need to: Attend a Thursday afternoon...