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Barry Margerum, MBA

Retired Executive and Search Inside Yourself (SIY) teacher

Barry Margerum has more than twenty-five years of C-level management, strategy, and marketing experience in the electronics and communications industries and is a recognized pioneer in bringing mindfulness programs into the corporate workplace.

After studying and practicing meditation, yoga, and mindfulness for over 15 years, he introduced mindfulness programs to the worldwide associates and executives of Plantronics, Inc., to improve employee focus, resiliency, and performance in business and life.

With his unique mix of business acumen and mindfulness experience, he founded Heartrise in 2016 to offer mindfulness workshops and executive coaching outside of Plantronics. He specializes in integrating Mindful and Compassionate Leadership practices into corporate cultures and core management curriculum.

As an avid amateur golfer, he recognized that mindfulness techniques and practices would be invaluable for improving a golfer’s mental state for better performance and experiences. He teamed up with All-American Dodie Mazzuca, a former LPGA Tour professional, to provide mindfulness programs for golfers.

Margerum is a frequent speaker at electronics and communications industry events, human resource summits and symposiums, and undergraduate and graduate schools, where he discusses how to bring mindfulness practices to the workplace. He is an executive coach and consults with Fortune 1000 companies to develop compassionate leaders and corporate-wide mindfulness work practices to achieve higher levels of engagement, increased well-being, and optimal performance.

Margerum holds a bachelor of science degree in engineering from Princeton University and a master of business administration from Stanford University.

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