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Learn How to Hack Your Mind for Better Health, Apr 12–14


Ashley Koff, RD

Nutrition expert, better health enabler, and consultant

Ashley Koff RD is your better health enabler. When the pursuit of perfect health left her perfectly frustrated, Koff set off on a mission to find something better! She discovered better nutrition, the importance of assessing not guessing what her body needs to run better, and learned to build her better nutrition plan that finally produced her better health results. Realizing “better, not perfect, works better” ignited her efforts to enable better health for all powered by better nutrition!

Two decades later, as an award-winning dietitian and globally recognized nutrition expert, Koff continues to help individuals, their practitioners, companies, brands and organizations get better results using her better nutrition tools, tips and resources. In 2016, she founded and has since became the CEO of The Better Nutrition Program, which offers digital better nutrition tools, The Better Nutrition Membership, courses and workshops such as “Build Your Better Nutrition Plan” and “The Road Trip to Better Health”.

A practitioner first, Koff regularly shares her better nutrition message with millions via national media, social media, and co-hosts the podcast “Take Out with Ashley and Robyn.” For more about Ashley or to check out her better nutrition tools visit