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Art Wilson

Art Wilson is the founder of Critical Path Strategies (CPS), a global, employee-based sales consulting firm. Prior to CPS, Art spent 23 years in sales and management with IBM Corporation. As a respected consultative sales person and thought leader, he was recognized for five consecutive years as one of the top 10 sales representatives in IBM’s 5,000-person US sales force, including being named the #1 salesperson in the US. Art transitioned to an independent consultative career with a vision and a passion for transferring best practices of selling organization leadership and their customer-facing teams.

The consulting services and associated thought-process coaching tools that Art developed has helped more than 30,000 selling-organization professionals in more than 350 corporations produce extraordinary results for their customers throughout the past 25 years. With his support team, he works with the organizational leadership teams primarily in the areas of development of organizational strategies.

On a pro bono basis, Art and his team offer facilitation services for diverse nonprofit and community organizations. He is the author of Building a Successful Selling Organization.