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Amber Gray, MA, BC-DMT

Somatic psychotherapist, Continuum Movement mentor

Amber Gray is a longtime practitioner of body-centered arts and sciences, as well as a board-licensed mental health professional and an advocate for human rights.

As a dancer, Amber moves from a diverse life experience including somatic psychology, Life Impressions Bodywork, energy medicine, craniosacral therapy, EMDR, yoga, and shiatsu. After 30 years studying and teaching Haitian sacred dance, she was initiated as a Sevito and was then mentored by Emilie Conrad, who certified her to teach Continuum Movement® in 2006. She is an award-winning dance movement therapist recognized as a pioneer in soma-movement therapies. She co-developed Polyvagal-Informed Movement therapies with Dr. Stephen Porges and publishes regularly on this work.

As a human rights psychotherapist, Amber has spent more than two decades working with survivors of trauma, including war and domestic and political violence. She spearheaded the use of somatic-, movement-, and creative-arts psychotherapies in cross-cultural contexts including complex humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters. She consults with programs worldwide on trauma-informed staff care, humanitarian response, and wellness programming, and is trained in ecopsychology, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, parent-child psychotherapy, and mindfulness-based therapies.

Amber leads somatic, mindful, restorative, and re-wilding movement retreats internationally and offers a Continuum mentoring program for students in Australia, Haiti, and Santa Fe, New Mexico.