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Alejandra Siroka

Founder of Language Alchemy and communications expert

Alejandra Siroka is the founder of Language Alchemy™, through which she facilitates interactive workshops on connected communication to raise awareness about communication patterns and the impact of these patterns on how we live our lives.

She speaks five languages and has three master’s degrees—two earned in Argentina in language and communication, and another in transformative leadership from the California Institute for Integral Studies. The process of Language Alchemy‰ integrates practices and insights from neurobiology, cognitive science, psychology, compassionate communication, and Eastern sciences and philosophies.

Alejandra, a student of Hatha yoga for 14 years, has also studied Tantric Buddhism in the Ddzogchen tradition, Tantric Shaivism, and the teachings of nondualism. With Alejandra‰’s guidance, her clients thrive, achieve their desired goals, and develop conscious and satisfying human connection.

Previous Programs

Speak Your Truth

June 2 - 4, 2017

Friday - Sunday, 2 nights

How do we show up for ourselves and others fully and authentically? How do we stand up for our needs? How do we set healthy boundaries? How do we approach life’s inevitable conflicts without losing ourselves? These questions are not only useful, they are crucial in the path of sustainable, integrated, and real personal transformation....

Speak Your Truth

June 15 - 17, 2018

Friday - Sunday, 2 nights

Do you find it challenging to truly express yourself for fear of being judged or offending others? It is vital to realize that each time we don’t speak up, we risk losing a piece of our precious self. Over time, this can cause us to feel exhausted, lonely, and disconnected. Connecting with others while being...