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Afrouz Demehri, NMD

Board-certified naturopathic medical doctor

Dr. Afrouz Demehri has been helping women since 2007 using a whole-person, root-cause approach. A pioneer in changing medicine, she is the director of functional medicine at the University of California, Irvine, which was the recipient of the largest donation ever made to a university to bring integrative medicine into a medical school.

Dr. Demehri came to naturopathic medicine after Western medical specialists and prescription medications failed to address her symptoms—all while she was studying for her medical boards. After experiencing firsthand the power of holistic, naturopathic medicine, Dr. Demehri changed her plans and became a naturopathic doctor.

A licensed board-certified naturopathic medical doctor specializing in integrative functional medicine for women, she sees patients as an attending physician. She also teaches medical residents evidence-based and clinical tools to treat the underlying cause of issues with the thyroid, hormones, gut, mood, autoimmune system, fatigue, weight, heart, and cognitive health.

She is currently researching IV nutritional therapy and chelation on heart disease and diabetes at UC Irvine and speaks nationally on hormone replacement therapy.

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