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Abigail Stason

Visionary executive leadership coach

Abigail Stason is an executive with 40,000 hours of leadership experience. As a facilitator, she combines extensive purpose-driven experience with leadership development to offer up-to-date and effective executive leadership and team facilitation. Abby has intensity about optimizing performance by focusing on the realities around behaviors and strengths to create action-oriented developmental plans and enhanced communication skills.

A visionary and with passion for self-esteem, consciousness, and purposeful and creative work environments, Abby stands out in her ability to design and implement practices that enable her clients to live congruently while meeting the expectations of their organizations. Abby teaches executives how to be real, connected, highly effective, and evolved individuals and leaders—how to live into their human potential.

Abby is the author of Beyond Ego: A Framework for Mindful Leadership and Conscious Human Evolution, a handbook for how to be a conscious leader and how to create a conscious culture.

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