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Maureen Priest, ERYT

Yoga teacher, visionary, mentor, and speaker

Maureen Priest is the founder, visionary, and director of MOYO: A Soulful Destination for the past 12 years. A space aimed at building community, MOYO offers yoga lifestyle and education programs including retreats, teacher trainings, and festivals. Maureen runs MOYO out of a renovated 200-year-old barn on seven acres of land in eastern Pennsylvania.

Maureen’s versatile teaching style comes straight from the heart. She leads and facilitates programs on personal empowerment and how to lead an authentic life. Her vision for her students is to discover their inner teacher and learn self-acceptance. She believes in embracing imperfections and learning what these imperfections have to teach us about our real purpose in life.

When Maureen is in the idyllic beauty of eastern Pennsylvania spending time with her local community, she can be found leading teacher trainings and retreats across the country and around the world. She facilitates teacher and wellness business mentorships, and heads up speaking engagements on yoga-related topics. She has been featured in Elephant journal and in Mantra, Yoga + Health magazine.