Name: Sara Schwab
Hometown: Hollister, CA
Role at 1440: Director of Operations

Director of operations: what does that mean?
It means making sure that the guest experience is excellent. So, everything from the moment the guests walk on the campus, to the grounds, their rooms, when we greet them and welcome them to 1440—every piece of making sure that the guests have a delightful experience.

What’s your favorite thing about the 1440 Multiversity campus and why?
My favorite thing is this (motions around to the redwoods) because it’s incredible to be under these redwoods. It is almost unspeakable how magnificent they are, and how blessed we are to be here on this campus.

What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?
I weighed trucks. I sat in one of those little booths in Gilroy, California and the guys would put their trucks on the scale. They’d come up and say, “Hey little lady, how you doing?” Then they’d tell me a joke—usually a really bad one—and then I’d hit the little thing to weigh the truck and then they’d come back around after it was full of tomatoes and I’d weigh the truck again. It was really hot and dusty in there. That was summers of high school—a long time ago.

What’s your favorite yoga pose and why?
Down dog, because when I’m in down dog, MJ—my dog—comes and tries to do down dog underneath me. So it’s really fun, and she usually knocks me over. We collapse and I laugh.

a smiling woman with her dog

What is your favorite word or phrase and does it say something about who you are?
Love. Because it’s part of why I’m here is to bring/give love. When I think about what I can bring to operations at 1440, it is that. It’s a love of each other, a love of life, and creating something that is going to bring more love to the world.

One place that you’d like to visit before your time on the planet is over and why?
Costa Rica, because I want to swing through the trees.

It’s just you in your car on a long, winding road. What song is playing?
 It’d probably be Michael Franti “Hey Hey Hey.” But my favorite song right now is actually “Love Is My Religion.”

What is important in life?
Love. It’s becoming who you were born to be … living your core values and getting up each day and being better than you were the day before. That’s what I love about 1440. Every single minute we have an opportunity, right? We have an opportunity to choose love or fear, to choose who we’re going to be, to choose what we’re going to focus on, focus on what’s working, what’s not working.

What would you love to have for dinner tonight?
I would love to have macaroni and cheese.