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10 Things I Learned from Martha Beck

“Do you choose your socialization or do you choose your essence?” I attended Martha Beck’s Navigating the Storm weekend program at 1440 Multiversity,

Anger, Spirit, and Chasing the Big Questions: A Conversation with Alanis Morissette

Join Alanis Morissette for Exploring self and Self from March 2 – 4, 2018 Alanis Morissette is most well-known for her autobiographical songwriting and

14 Things We Love About 1440’s Kitchen Table

We love the 1440 Kitchen Table and everything about it—the fresh food, the modern Arts-and-Crafts setting, the

How to Feel Free and Start Writing Again

Feeling stuck? Love to write but aren’t sure how to get

Lovingkindness with Meg Levie (Meditation)

Enjoy a mindful pause in your day with this 10 minute meditation from Executive coach, mindfulness expert, and Zen practitioner Meg Levie.

Balancing Your Emotions: Why It’s More Important Than You Think

Ever feel like your emotions are a bit out of control? Do you wish you could more skillfully manage your responses to life?

How to Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Besides all the fun stuff, life has chores. Learn how to get comfortable with the uncomfortable so your mind can soar while your body is stuck waiting in line.

The Power and Pleasure of Intention

Happy New Year! Traditional New Year’s resolutions—losing weight, finding a relationship, or quitting a bad habit—are often ungrounded wishes that originate from our

The Secret to Holiday Happiness

For most of us, the holidays are a joyful time, overflowing with opportunities to express our love and appreciation for each other and

How to Practice Shifting Your Thoughts

The meaning of life is made, not found. Dr. Robert Holden asks us to reconsider the meaning we place on life events. Freddie Frankl