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Moving Beyond a Job-Based Life: An Interview With Martha Beck

The concept of the job does not lend itself to living your passion. Jobs as we know them are part of a hierarchical

Living with Grief, Bravery, and Empathy: An Interview with Cheryl Strayed

We all struggle. We all experience self-doubt. We all want love and fear we

How to Feel Free and Start Writing Again

Feeling stuck? Love to write but aren’t sure how to get

Learning to Live from the Heart as Center

Sacred space. A time to feel nourished and supported by

5 Simple Steps to Boost Your Life

You hear it all the time: “Make a fresh start!” Drawn by the power of our dreams and hopes, we see a wonderland

5 Profound Books on Love and Loss

The loss of a loved one can be a most painful experience

Why Intuition Is the Language of the Soul

We’re all born aware, with a deep sense of inner knowing. It’s one of the greatest gifts we possess, keeping us connected to

5 Soulful Questions with Panache Desai

Panache Desai, author of Discovering Your Soul Signature, is a transformation catalyst and inspirational thought leader who guides people to their authentic, essential

How to Thrive If You’re a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP): An Interview With Elaine N. Aron, PhD

Elaine N. Aron, PhD, is a clinical and research psychologist, author, and pioneer in the field of high sensitivity. She has published five books,

1440 Faculty Focus: John Holland

Join John Holland's From Grieving to Believing August 4-6, 2017 John Holland, author of the best-selling Spirit Whisperer, is one of the top psychic