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The Whole Child Approach to Learning: A Conversation with Dr. Dan Siegel and Scott Kriens

A fascinating conversation about the great potential for...

Burn, Baby, Burn into This New Year

My daughter and I hosted a small but fancy dress-up New Year's party at our house. Champagne, delicious snacks, tarot cards, and a burning bowl for releasing the old year. Certainly not a unique activity, but one that always seems to bring a certain level of satisfaction. People love ritual

Talking About Conversation, Diversity, and Gatherings with Krista Tippett of On Being

I am trying to make space for the conversations that we most deeply long to have—the questions of what it means to be human, how we want to live, and who we

“As Long As There’s Injustice, You Keep Showing Up”

But the job isn’t finished. If it’s the right thing to do,

“These Are the Times We Practice For”—Sage Advice from Sylvia Boorstein

I’m paying attention so that whatever I do next in response to what’s happening around me won’t create suffering for

People Are Challenging: More Wisdom from Martha Beck

I have had a lot of mind-blowing spiritual experiences, including a near-death experience, and I can tell you that

By | November 3rd, 2017|Personal Development, Relationships, Self-Discovery|Comments Off on People Are Challenging: More Wisdom from Martha Beck

Living with Grief, Bravery, and Empathy: An Interview with Cheryl Strayed

We all struggle. We all experience self-doubt. We all want love and fear we

Why Connection Really Matters in the Modern World

You wouldn’t think there was much you could learn about life from a Hall & Oates song. Yet there’s a great

How to Parent Without Power Struggles

Years ago I was driving my son to school when another parent, headed for the same destination, had a diabetic seizure. Realizing that

5 Profound Books on Love and Loss

The loss of a loved one can be a most painful experience