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How Kindness Can Improve Your Life: Wisdom from Sylvia Boorstein

The Dalai Lama once said, “My religion is kindness.” I think everybody’s religions are about

The Essential Power of Being Aware: Talking with Dr. Dan Siegel

Emotions can be thought of as the inner and interpersonal process that “evokes motion” and shape

Lovingkindness with Meg Levie (Meditation)

Enjoy a mindful pause in your day with this 10 minute meditation from Executive coach, mindfulness expert, and Zen practitioner Meg Levie.

How to Feel Your Feelings: An Interview with Tara Brach

Tara Brach, PhD, is a psychologist, meditation teacher, and author of the best-selling books Radical Acceptance and True Refuge. She is founder of

3 Ways to Shift from Blame to Love

Evolution has rigged all of us with a negativity bias—a survival-driven habit to scan for what’s wrong and to fixate on it. In

How to Keep Your Mind in a Fast-Moving World

It starts from the moment you open your phone each

5 Things People Get Wrong About Mindfulness

Mindfulness is so hot right now. But isn’t it just religion in disguise? And isn’t the military using it to create perfect killers?

In the Heat of the Moment

Take a journey through bias with awareness and kindness with Vinny Ferraro.  The path of mindfulness, awareness, kindness, and compassion will take us

No Blueprint, Just Love

When he started MSBR, Jon Kabat-Zinn didn't have a detailed plan—just passion and an inkling that lots of good would come of it.

Train Your Brain to Boost Your Immune System

New research suggests mindfulness can strengthen our natural defenses. Running half-marathons barefoot in the snow. Climbing mountains while wearing only shorts. Standing in