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Dr. Ingrid Yang: Using Yoga on the Cancer Journey

When we breathe deeply, relax, move our bodies in joyful ways, we activate the other half of our nervous system that

What I Love About Yoga and Why I Stopped Teaching It

“Hi. My name is Jodeen and I am a recovering yoga teacher.” It started innocently enough, 24 years ago in Los Angeles. I

Why Yoga Is One (Ancient) Size Fits All

It’s pretty easy to convince ourselves that we aren’t the “type” for a given job, friend, adventure, or form of exercise. I fall

Rise Up, Tune In

A simple yet powerful yoga practice, appropriate for all, to awaken the body, quiet the mind, and listen to oneself. A short moving

Yoga: What Most People Don’t Know

Just how important is breathing in yoga? Ed and Deb Shapiro suggest it's probably more important than most people think. We all know

Mind and Body: Why Can’t They Just Get Along?

A good mind/body connection is key in physical disciplines, says yoga teacher Cyndi Lee. Since he was wearing such a charming smile, I