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Dr. Ingrid Yang: Using Yoga on the Cancer Journey

When we breathe deeply, relax, move our bodies in joyful ways, we activate the other half of our nervous system that

Why Yoga Is One (Ancient) Size Fits All

It’s pretty easy to convince ourselves that we aren’t the “type” for a given job, friend, adventure, or form of exercise. I fall

How to Stick to Your Exercise Routine

When I started trail running eight years ago, getting into my running clothes and hitting the trail in the morning felt more like

Mindfulness on the Pole

Accessing inner strength in the most unconventional way. There’s perhaps no greater juxtaposition to the quiet, solitary meditator than the mindful pole dancer—they

5 Tips for Boosting Your Willpower

Good habits are foundational for happiness--but to create them, you need willpower. Who among us has not made a plan to get up

Exercise Reduces Stress—Especially for Social Butterflies

Research suggests exercise is good for our mental health—perhaps even more so if we're highly social. The idea of the fabled runner’s high