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Redefining Nutrition: An Interview with T. Colin Campbell

Most of science is reductionist, meaning we isolate one thing down to the smallest level and then study it.

Harnessing Yoga for Healing: A Conversation with Gary Kraftsow

The most amazing thing about this work is how quickly people become more able to influence their condition and

Beer! Wine! Yoga?

Beer Yoga. Yoga and Wine Tasting. Whiskey and Yoga. Happy Hour Yoga with Two for One Drink Specials. I am not kidding: these are actual events. I have a hard time with this

The Case for a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet: An Interview With T. Colin Campbell

Whole means we eat the food whole. Instead of taking a vitamin C supplement or drinking orange juice, eat the

How to Live Outside Your Comfort Zone and Survive: A Conversation with Rolf Gates

The military taught me how to learn, how to be a part of a

I Am Greater Than the Sum of My Parts

Last Thursday my port, the Borg-like apparatus which was implanted in May under my collarbone and over my heart (for easy chemo pouring), was removed. I had to re-read the email announcing the procedure a couple of times.

Dr. Ingrid Yang: Using Yoga on the Cancer Journey

When we breathe deeply, relax, move our bodies in joyful ways, we activate the other half of our nervous system that

Explaining G-BOMBS and Longevity: 5 Questions with Dr. Joel Fuhrman

It is important to know why certain foods protect against cancer and slow aging and

Don’t Panic: Last-Minute Side Dishes from the 1440 Kitchen

We know the story because we’ve been there a time or two. Heck, half of us are there right now.

Chef Kenny’s 8 Tips for Staying Calm in a Busy Kitchen

One of the many wonderful parts of Thanksgiving is the side dishes—three, five, ten—you can never have enough. But