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Storytelling Through Imagery: Photographs by Rob Woodcox

Storytelling Through Imagery: Photographs by Rob Woodcox

Rob Woodcox is a fine art and fashion photographer whose work focuses on storytelling. He considers telling visual stories one of the most fascinating ways to connect with people. As he creates each piece of artwork, Rob strives to capture fragments of vivid life—embracing reality, memory, and dream.

He has worked for large clients such as Universal Pictures and Capitol Records, however his greatest passion is crafting personal artwork designed to provoke interpersonal interaction. Rob’s dedication to advocacy and making strained voices heard has taken many shapes. He has produced projects to raise awareness and conversation around the United States foster system, as well as adoption, queer identity, body positivity, and racial diversity.

We recently sat down with Rob to pour over some of his beautiful images and learn more about what drives him to create.

1440: What is it about dance and movement that intrigues you as a photographer?

Rob Woodcox: Life is always moving and changing, and dance quite literally replicates that using physical form.

The Tree of Life

The shapes and stories that dancers can create using their bodies make the perfect subject to photograph and those images represent the whimsical concepts in my mind. I’ve been working on my dance series for a few years now and the process has opened my mind to even more surreal ideas and constructs. It’s so enjoyable to pair my art form with the art of others.

The Wave

1440: In many ways, you use the human body as a building block for sculpture. What is your creative process for composing what you shoot?

Rob Woodcox: I typically have a visual in mind before I even reach for the camera or call a team of models. Usually I’m inspired by a physical space I’ve seen, or an abstract dream that passes my mind. I can visualize bodies filling a tangible or imaginary space. I always write my ideas down as soon as they come to mind.

The Mountain

El Espíritu Asciende (Part 1)

Once I’ve mentally paired the human construct with an actual location, I reach out to my dance teams. Many of my compositions require the aid of Photoshop, so I have to shoot with that in mind. Nonetheless I always shoot on location and create as much as I can in-camera. All of the light and poses in my images are created on location and I carefully shoot at angles that allow the final image to look seamless and natural.

1440: You use photography as a tool for advocacy. Why do you think it’s important for artists to use their creativity to shed light on social causes?

Rob Woodcox: When the people in power aren’t helping everyone in need, who’s responsible for taking charge and helping people understand the realities of others? I believe we are all responsible for spreading truth and hope, however we can.

Desert Spirits

Artists hold a special power in this way because they rely on more than just words or personal connections—they can tap into universal languages that have potential to reach vast audiences.

Interconnectivity 22

I believe all artists should make a statement for change with their creativity, whether it’s simply an expression of beauty or a direct exclamation to change based on a specific cause.

1440: What do you hope people take away from your work?

Rob Woodcox: I hope people feel compelled to spread light to others around them and more interested in making the world a more equal and attainable place to live for people of all backgrounds. I hope people set aside their differences to celebrate the uniqueness we all possess. We are all connected, after all, and we each possess something valuable to contribute to society.

Interconnectivity 12

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